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5 min readJul 6, 2021



Less is more … More is Less

by Jim Cleveland

(from Ascending Apocalypse: A New Birth for Mankind)

Twitter, as we know, is a worldwide communications phenomenon that encapsulates your convictions in 140 characters or less and delivers them to the world.

It has been derided as an example of the dumbing-down of America — simplifying issues into shallow platitudes that can’t possibly get to the truth of any issue. They are icons of the simple-minded, where purveyors have no real understanding of any issues and only blurt simplisms.

I would offer another view that writers seek to encapsulate true learning, nuggets of wisdom to benefit others, help them work through the cacophony of partisan, incessant selling, noise that permeates our lives. They are not homilies, but bright new lights.

Here it is. I’ve summed it up and this is what it means. Knowledge in a nut shell. Profundity in a pea.

It can indeed be beneficial to weigh all sides of an issue and be able to serve up the kernel of truth, the essence of the position, without all the opinionated fluff. Can we do it?

I maintain that it is a worthy learning exercise if we make it that. I don’t use Twitter but you can make it useful for yourself, make it a learning tool, a lesson in human psychology. Give people simple truths that you discovered and want to share.

I suppose they came up with the Twitter name because it’s a light-hearted word. I see birds or hummingbirds twittering about. It’s like chatting, a friendly chat, chattering like internet entwined squirrels — flouncing our tails.

It will soon be said that one man among us was elected President, and he virtually twittered it away.

So it’s like frittering the time away … flitting about without purpose … flippant fun talk. A happy little compulsive shopper.

But I also think of the word: Twit. What kind of person do we call a Twit? Empty-headed, vacuous? Yes, that’s Trump. And crooked, like Boss Tweed, another scandal-ridden New York businessman of yesteryear infamy.

All of that can be blown off if I make a positive spin and develop the 140-character tweets that reach the top of the mountain they built for them — express powerful insights in just a few words. Can it be done? Can the ideal be reached? Massive truth in a mini-mode.

The fact that we all live in an alternative reality is certainly a factor. We have been barraged all of our lives with self-serving information from all fronts. The issue of objective and critical thinking never reaches the surface for public discussion. It is not part of our educational system. Students generally can’t define objectivity.

We have come to accept that we will be constantly bombarded with information that we can’t trust because of the self-interests involved. We know for sure they’re try to sell us something so where’s the salt shaker? We, ourselves, are only trying to share Great Wisdom to help you in your life … yes.

So our power tweets might seem all the more powerful since they shatter the false reality we live in like a rock into a mirror, with all kinds of jagged reflections of false realities flying in the air.

Here are attempts to express mind-opening greater truths in just a few words. All humans need to learn to think through issues and summarize them. Make it concise. Thanks to Twitter for providing a practice field.


Shocking Spiritual Truths in Miniature

1. Our true identity is spiritual. We are utilizing human bodies of biological matter to experience a time and space oriented world.

2. Our Creator God indwells us as a guiding light to encourage us to truth, beauty and goodness, which we absorb as we can as we evolve.

3. God does not punish his children with torments; they pay for their own decisions and learn from them. Those who turn to evil may be unredeemable and left in oblivion.

4. Death is a passageway from mortal to spiritual substance and our consciousness will continue to ascend with the guidance of our indwelling Spirit of the Father.

5. The Super Universe is comprised of billions of galaxies, trillions of living personalities, and we should develop this awareness and consciousness to keep our lives in perspective.

6. Our personality is uniquely ours and does not change within itself. We are designed to absorb incremental levels of truth within our abilities as we evolve.

7. Individual free will is a hallmark of humanity and the Creator God does not normally interfere with it. Be aware of your learning responsibilities and don’t pray they are taken from you.

8. Extraterrestrial personalities can navigate here freely with their technology but have no mandate and little incentive to stir violence with our heavily armed, nominally civilized powers.

9. Allegiance to a written manuscript as being holy and altogether true is foolishness, akin to mystical fantasy and not human logic. Truth is where you find it.

10. God does not support any armies or any act of violence and finds the killing of his children repulsive and evil and worthy of appropriate retaliation, not with anger but with karmic acumen.

11. Religions that claim other religions are godless are themselves godless. There is no godliness in that decision, only myopia supported by historical propaganda.

12. Our Creator God is above human gender considerations, which are otherwise complementary instruments in the time and space world reproduction and evolution plan.

Well, that seems to be working. Let’s take on our capitalistic republic and its relations in the world.

1. Slavery has been our country’s greatest curse and its acrimonious aftermaths continue to cause conflict and violence, though blacks have proven themselves the equal of whites in all ways.

2. The second Constitutional amendment was designed to allow citizens to organize militias in support of their fledgling new government which had no standing army.

3. The progressive socialism of Bernie Sanders is much closer to President Franklin Roosevelt’s policies and Jesus’ teachings than to any communist who ever lived.

4. Communists have used the ruse of a working man’s party, Socialism, to establish autocratic dictators in Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea, which practice mass oppression and murder.

5. Cannabis is a plant with powerful medicinal values for the entire body. Authorities have long known of this, considered it valuable for proprietary drugs, and have oppressed its herbal use.

6. Politicians want nothing to do with campaign finance reform since these funds are the reason behind their whole career and their principal objective in government is to get rich.

7. Capitalists have driven huge numbers of laws allowing them to avoid taxes and make virtually everything a write-off, including executive retreats in Hawaii and luxury boxes in stadiums.

8. The stock market is a barometer of how rich people are scrambling their money and has little to do with the quality of life for Americans.

9. When philosophers argue that the money-making side of an issue should be beside the point, there is the reality that, alas, it is largely the point and we must be sensible enough to know that.

10. Defense takes nearly 60% of the federal budget. Who is going to attack us, really, and why are there 40 million Americans living in poverty while we have nearly 1,400 nuclear missiles?

11. Cannabis oppression laws amounted to the idiocy of outlawing a plant. All those in prison for offenses should be released immediately.

12. Religions take in money, invest it, and provide expense-free living for its leaders, so it should be taxed accordingly. Its mystical doctrines should be separated from public institutions.

So … there are some powerful, outspoken views. Thanks Twitter. Would someone like to put these up for me?



James Wayne Cleveland

Jim Cleveland retired from a career in public relations to become a writer and publisher. He has 16 books and 12 CDs anchored in new spirituality values.