The DEJA-View Philosophy

How to disdain knee-jerk partisanships without foundation. How to find the foundation.

by Jim Cleveland

As we go through our lives, our purpose is hard to see.

Since birth, we have been hit by succeeding waves of biased partisan opinion. Believe this. Buy this. It invariably conflicts with an opposing view. This or that. It started when the doctor slapped our butt and demanded breathe.

As we look at our past history looming ever-larger behind us, we may come to realize our purpose in DEJA. All that we see and hear is subject to:

D — Discernment

E — Evaluation

J — Judgment

A — Action

We must do this. It is our life’s task. We grow our souls, our worthiness, with our decisions that promote truth, beauty and goodness. We can be selfish or selfless. We can serve profits or serve our fellows. We can be apathetic or energetic. We can be motivated or morose. We can pity ourselves for poor fortune or stand strong in spiritual faith.

So life is about choices, and I see so many failures in the Discernment phase. If an issue can’t be discerned clearly, it can’t be accurately evaluated. We make false judgments based on twisted realities. We have been fed twisted realities for all of the generations.

A critical part of Discernment is choosing reliable sources, not partisan ones trying to sell their ideas, products and service. When we Discern people for friendships and partnering, we can choose those who lift us up or drag us down. When you care about people and embrace them, their wrong decisions can be highly troublesome if not traumatic.

When we develop the points of DEJA we can embrace a higher View of reality. We have acted objectively, weighed the logic on all sides and determined the best course of action. We have only made judgements after we have clearly seen the situation, evaluated the options and judged the proper course.

We always consider the source objectively in the clamor of partisanship around us. We need quiet times with Spirit. Spend some time in quiet stillness each day to make the connection to altruistic ideas from within.

We can then best embark on meaningful service, using our God-given and experience-honed talents to serve God’s goodness.

From the forthcoming ‘Ascending Apocalypse: Unveiling our Values and Intentions’ to published in 2021.


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James Wayne Cleveland

James Wayne Cleveland

Jim Cleveland retired from a career in public relations to become a writer and publisher. He has 16 books and 12 CDs anchored in new spirituality values.