Radical Religion … We need to surpass it with Inner Spirituality

by Jim Cleveland

Some of us on the planet converse with supernal personalities, teachers from the spiritual realms. We are considered radical, without valid doctrine or dogma, and only represented as invisible conversations, keystroked and reproduced on the internet. Most citizens of the world would ask seriously the value of this spiritual advice.

There are many mosques, temples and churches on the planet and we “channelers” are not well represented in any of them. They give lip service to having a personal relationship with God in these chambers, but it never seems to come to pass.

By “channeling” or “transmitting” spiritual beings we place ourselves into the fringes of reliability for the mainstream religions, where prayer is an essential, but direct conversant messages of advice and counsel are not the rule. We can pray directly, but neither God nor a representative, is expected to speak in turn. This kind of reply might well cause some consternation at a Southern Baptist Wednesday night prayer meeting.

Who are we channelers, after all, to interdict the self-organized religions and develop a personal relationship with God? What are our rights to directly-imparted spiritual knowledge?

These questions remind us of the age-old church question: How can we think that we, as unschooled individuals, possess the ability to understand higher spiritual values and know how to practice them religiously? Do we not need explanations and exhortations from preachers, priests, rabbis and gurus? Isn’t there a narrow path? At least a dozen or so? And all standing in autonomy?

It seems the planetary rule is to go to the religious orders for spiritual guidance, not into some inner crevice of our being that may or may not be trustworthy. Might it not harbor dark thoughts and demands that could lead us to folly? Do we not need the steady hand of the civilizing church to rise above the animal in us all?

These devils most often appear as male sex urges, laced with alcohol and emboldened by greed and avarice. But perhaps these are ancient portraits of another age, and the churches are seemingly forbidden from updating any ideas of any kind at any time. We are rising above animalistic mind. But the churches still want to paint us as sinful wretches needing repentance.

These painted pictures still scramble themselves before us like a Dorian Gray portrait today, the time-tarnished ways of controlling spiritualists by fear and mythology. But in my optimistic moments, I see that such degraded reasoning is fast disappearing.

The current thinking and seeking spiritualists are beginning to see fear and ordained hierarchies as a farce of epic proportions, a fraud perpetuated upon all of humankind to build power and wealth and, hopefully, obliterate all those opposed, those who did not see the true light, only another light, and did not share their earthly possessions with the organization. Why, they ask, would we not support something deemed to be “God’s house?” But who deemed it so, and does it make it so?

All of the religions have been guilty of slaughters, oppressions, even genocides. The time is fast dawning when spiritualists of the world will need their bloody history and stagnated dogma no longer, and will find personal guidance constantly from God’s legions of teachers and guides working in the time-space mortal worlds.

Once we have established personal religion, a personal relationship with God, as the norm on the planet, we can proceed to reform or organize all-one-people supportive churches with activities that serve all the children of the planet, not just their fiefdoms.

In the coming age, those of us who learn to work directly with celestial guidance will be gratified with many blessings of the mind and heart, and we will be inspired to polish the evolutionary religions of the planet into the highest expressions that they can make.

The times when Jews and Christians and Muslims kill each other in war and send the horror and the financial burden to the good people of the world must come to an end. The people of the world will learn that divisive dogma is a worn-out tool of time and the new era of personal spirituality reaches out for all of this tiny planet’s people. A new generation of leaders will emerge, who are aware of universe realities and are conscious servants to higher values.

In time, people will see that the various religious practices of this troubled world at this time most often represent radicalism, and that those who develop a personal relationship with God above and beyond manufactured dogmas, who communicate with the rest of this vast and well-connected universe of planets and beings via prayer and upreach are actually in the mainstream of cosmic spiritual thought.

How could fear have such a horrid grip upon our planet? Was it necessary at one time to teach humans reverence to God through fear, to help them rise above a state of savagery that we don’t want to even imagine, including brutal destruction of other civilizations, slavery, even the sacrifice of their own children to assuage some bloodthirsty god.

The planetary history is there to see. Fear has dominated too often, and fear remains in power today. The great challenge of the age is to replace fear with love.

Universal Love is not being practiced on our planet; it is therefore being ruled by radical spiritualists, humans still polluted by the poisons of our animal evolution heritage, territorial, argumentative, self-serving, many even questioning the existence of God, many who blaspheme God’s name for their own interests. Who are the religious radicals then, we or them?

In Stillness time, we hear and record lessons that illuminate love, worship, prayer, forgiveness and service. This is the ultimate simplicity, and we are trusting God’s indwelling spirit. This isn’t radical, but the preachers of their own dogma and tithing priorities are.

(From Sauntering Through Apocalypse at Amazon. Visit Jim at www.jimclevelandauthor.com for free E-books and MP3 tracks.)

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James Wayne Cleveland

James Wayne Cleveland

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Jim Cleveland retired from a career in public relations to become a writer and publisher. He has 16 books and 12 CDs anchored in new spirituality values.