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Condition Red:

Our Apocalypse of Values and Intentions

(from Ascending Apocalypse: A New Birth for Mankind, by Jim Cleveland, now on Amazon)

Apocalypse showed up. Now we have to.

Armageddon rages. We must rage back with righteousness.

While some of us expected the presidential election to be a decisive blow against a despicable Me, it proved only to unveil a greater battle.

The first battle of the new apocalypse made Washington, D.C. the Armageddon. It seemed that all of the undesirable traits in a human were personified in one being, unfortunately in a role of global power.

There seemed little doubt that Americans would repudiate the wave of daily embarrassments that attended this perpetual liar and blowhard. They did.

But who expected that the Age of Trumpery would continue and grow with the foundation of some 74 million Americans who see and apparently live in an alternate reality? He actually built his base, and now builds it further with fund-raising for Defend the Election, which will morph into a Save America movement that will raise millions for his new global broadcast network. President Biden will face daily attacks as he fires his base and encourages their ignorant biases.

Americans who embrace a multi-cultural world and global solutions to problems of war, climate and economic stability will be under constant fire. The Trump base, built out of the Republican base of minimal government and maximum profits, may have successfully hijacked the party going forward. Trump’s sons will plan to leverage that massive voter count to take and maintain power over the GOP.

It will be left to the Lincoln element in the party to wrest control of the party over the Trumpery mass. Tumultuous times are ahead in politics as the GOP comes to grip with the southern segregationists who control a bloc of states within their circle.

They were part of the party’s so-called ‘southern strategy,’ to capture the loyalty of white voters in the wake of Democratic party civil rights initiatives. The party’s extensive primary process allowed the blowhard icon to beat out all of the pretenders in the race. He won primaries with plurality slivers and won the presidency while losing the popular vote.

So today, post-Trump failures, the South remains a precarious mix, with the big money interests who have traditionally controlled the party in bed with a simplistic mix of white is better racism.

This battle continues as each human in the apocalypse comes to grip with the eternal question in their lives. What are my Values? What are my Intentions? Will I be acrimonious or altruistic? Will I be an eternal open-minded learner or a self-centered laggard who disdains intellect and embraces self-centered pleasures?

This time of Apocalypse is eternally defined as a significant unveiling of knowledge and revelation to humankind. As every human faces these defining values and intentions decisions, guidance from celestials is available to us. It is accessed through times of quietness, stillness, away from the cacophony, asking your questions, learning from the small, still voices that come from within, inside your soul.

In four years of his presidency, Trump has defined and personified a base movement that is alarming in its size and its twisted values. Many Americans will continue to confront their emotional demons, their alienations and prejudices. They are ever-more clearly defined, and so too is the spiritual path that will get you beyond them and into a higher dimension of thought and being.

The coronavirus places a pronged and blood red crown upon it all — and upon our heads for the immediate future. Will we choose to respect and support one another, or flail away against common sense controls in selfish arrogance? Common sense is that viruses are spread by the nose and mouth. It’s not political; it’s not here to exasperate Trump’s ever ebullient ego. It’s life or death, staying well or not, against a virus that destroys your lungs.

Vaccines are coming, and Trump will take full credit for them, and continue to demonize China for having destroyed ‘the greatest economy in history.’ He has found his strategy of dumbing down and repeating catch phrases that can successfully transcend full and logical sentences.

Deep State demonizes millions of loyal government. Fake News neutralizes all media, conservative or liberal, who might be critical of his perfection. Witch Hunt ridicules the Mueller report which actually found numerous attempted obstructions of justice and sent his cohorts to prison. No Collusion flies in the face of having Paul Manafort, a Russian operative, as his campaign manager, who fought to remove Russian sanctions imposed by President Obama.

Trump knew that his simple tags would obliterate all of the well-researched and finely structured sentences in journalism. They are lazy man’s logic and Trump is the ultimate lazy man, with no interest in his job and great interest in improving his golf game by playing constantly, and at taxpayer expense.

How can such a man build his base? Will it grow or recede in the face of numerous legal challenges that will confront private citizen Trump. These cases will amplify our continuing struggles with true and false values, pure and polluted intentions, and finding commonalities and peace in a deeply divided American psyche.

Now he is an outlier, and the animosity he has fanned over these few years will strongly motivate legal authorities to unleash their frustrations against him, especially in New York, the home state which he has fled.

The forces of Good vs. Evil come to mind in most humans as we face the critical months and years ahead. As 2021 emerges with a new administration to re-connect us with the world, Trumpian views will increasingly be seen as paranoid and vindictive.

No more will spineless Republicans be attached to him and they can return the party to more stable politicians to support their traditional views of minimal government with minimal services and maximum government allegiance provided directly to corporate interests and fueled by their donations.

This party rejects the American working man in favor of global sweat shop labor and continues to tacitly support the white man’s imagined superiority against ethnic intrusions of blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims.

Democrats embrace multi-culturalism as a growing base and the political clashes ahead will be epic. Trump will be an outlaw media magnate with a radical base and will stir much conflict.

We had hoped for much better going out of 2020 but now we can recognize the previous discord as only the first apocalyptic battles. Celestial visitors call it the “Time of Correction,” a change of direction for the mass of humankind and great moral and spiritual challenges — many of them filled with confusions and ironies.

Consider that very policeman in the country has had to face down with protestors who are protesting them. They are all forced to represent a quartet of murderous blue bullies all across this land. Is that fair? Killing isn’t fair.

Is it true that endemic racism is a problem in law enforcement rather than just a few bad apples, as Republicans mostly insist? GOP traditionally anchors in law and order voters, especially the cops themselves while Black Lives Matter see more respect and support on the other side. This conflict will continue as it always has, because it takes roots in the human heart and mind.

During the past election season, Trump’s minions focused dishonestly on the alienated stragglers behind the millions of righteous protestors, who burned down and looted buildings. They were a fraction of the whole but they inflamed yet another White Backlash of anger and opposition.

Meantime, we are subdued; civilization is on pandemic hold from the breakneck mindless race for profits and competitive conflicts with winners and losers. We are to pause now and contemplate everything about our own lives, our societies, and the partisan madness which has driven us to this place of cosmic correction. Our values for health clash with our drive for economic survival.

It’s a high noon showdown for our Values. Each soul, each nation is facing the challenge of this massive re-booting.

What are your intentions? What kind of values will you represent? What kind of service will you provide to your fellows as the world faces crises at every turn, with many of us destined to perish? What kind of leadership will you support? Will you grow your own soul in righteousness.

What is really important in your life? Will you be honorable and selfless in what you do?

Look around. It was all serious enough and now has come the crowning blow of a pandemic that rocks every corner of the world. Every president, every homeless bum.

So there really isn’t time for imagination, worry and dread any more. We are now in IT — an epic battle for the planet, with serious survival consequences.

Yet many still want to embrace and practice our age-old animosities, worshipping the warrior god concept on an ever-shrinking global stage. We are humans, the true weapons of mass destruction lie within us. This has not worked well, our evolution. The world is still racked with corruption and avarice. We need epochal change.

There is actually an enlightened and emboldened and newly inspired push-back.

People are rising up against corrupt, despotic regimes across the world. They are fighting back. More and more countries are becoming flash points for a new order.

While the would-be Trump regime visited and sided with autocrats in Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Turkey, and North Korea, it only complemented his long-term business relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin. He wanted to be a despot and used Adolf Hitler’s playbook to accomplish it. Instead of the Jewish, he turned his oppression to immigrants looking for refuge with lies and denigration. He even separated hundreds of children from their parents at the border, an unimaginable violation of human rights and another problem that the Biden administration must deal with.

Of course wealth inequality is still staggering in the U.S, with millions starving on the streets and millions of others living in luxury and piling up wealth in foreign banks that they will never need.

City streets and parks are being filled with the homeless and hopeless. Metropolitan areas that were once showplaces are now filled with the squalor of the unfortunate and infirm outcasts, sheltering themselves in corrugated boxes in the world’s richest nation. There is coming a breaking point for such as this; it is at hand.

As Coronavirus surges across the world at this moment, we wonder if the poor and unhealthy third world peoples can survive and avoid chaos, even as we see our own hordes of the homeless, the imprisoned, or those incarcerated in nursing homes and migrant shelters, or on hospital ventilators, where staff workers have also died at alarming rates.

At this writing, vaccines are beginning to win the war in February, 2021, but we all anticipate a long war.

Of course the earth, waters and sky are still suffering from toxic heat and our incessant demand to turn nature into a waste dump. The elements are surging in rebellion and we will now confront more runaway winds, fires and earthquakes.

Coral reefs are dying, oceans are blotted with huge dead zones and massive piles of flotsam. Toxic waste piles up, fracking ruptures our foundations, thousands of oil rigs dot our waters, waiting for a serious tremor to rip open scores or hundreds of them. Air, water, sea life are all headed for destruction at that point.

Nuclear weapons proliferate. Ancient animosities still fester and explode into civil wars, the cold-hearted trying to avenge atrocities committed centuries ago by committing more. Wars and animosities surely will sprawl out into outer space, throwing billions of dollars to get a power advantage over others among ourselves on this tiny sphere. In the U.S. Infantry, you take the high ground and hold it.

Inner space is also afflicted. War in the sprawling and wild world of cyberspace emerges as the New Cold War frontline — the battle to pollute others and not be polluted, arm wrestling for advantage in the incessant demand to acquire more wealth and influence that leads to the quest for even more.

The United States, once a beacon of hope for democracy, was temporarily seized by a dramatic personality who knows nothing of it, and shoved value questions into every mind and heart constantly. By the day and hour, he has challenged us to decide what kind of leader we want, what kind of person we are. Do we want him or will we stand up and fight him?

While I liken him to an anti-Christ, he inexplicably has millions of supporters. There are many of us Americans, let’s face it, who like his attitude and his outlier demagoguery. They have literally been waiting for him, and now they have inflicted him upon us all. We are all cursed with his psychological malfunctions.

Perhaps it is just as it should be then. He is a huge embodiment of whatever you deem him to be. He is a tool for teaching. The choice is ours. Values judgements of the apocalypse.

Are we critically perceptive, or are we encapsulated in a rebel attitude that he represents, an inner appeal to our animal, territorial nature that has been rammed at us for all of our lives? What influences us, and why do we believe it? Does he seem to be a man of gold, in control, ever-wise, a bastion against the ‘establishment’ politics?

Can you see reality or do you see a mirage? While Trump and his trashy rich cronies lined their pockets with a self-serving tax cut and permanent destruction of the estate tax, his executive department appointees continued to serve the rich polluters by stripping away environmental regulations and taking over public lands to serve his profiteering donors. Isn’t this visible?

Will the actual ‘reality’ step to the plate soon, or will our battles continue to take place against imaginary ones? Political ones, not rational ones.

Under Trump, the U.S. pulled out of the global environmental alliance forged in Paris. Our acrimony and deal-breaking unleashed Iran as an avowed enemy, no longer under any constraints. We have now joined the Paris Accords again, and will work to re-instate some kind of controls over Iran’s bomb-making capabilities.

Trump’s financial servitude to Russia made him their pawn lest the reality of global money laundering come to the surface. He represented Putin’s interests as best he can, at every turn. He appeared as he was, at the Helsinki conference, weak and deferential to Putin’s Russian oligarchy, non-supportive and dismissive of our own conglomeration of federal intelligence agencies. Ostensibly, they were under his control, but since then he even declared de facto war on them and others within his own administration as being the “Deep State,” i.e. a conspiracy against him.

North Korea laughs at him and used him for photo ops. He is their dupe who professes a love affair with this vicious dictator. Does he want to see Trump hotels on the Korean coast? To lure the tin pot dictator into some kind of Trumpian deal, he holds forth the beautiful and money-laden metropolitan skylines of freer countries. They have some valuable beach property and he is, at heart, a real estate developer.

Trump is hell-bent for venomous revenge against any slight. Psychiatrists have names for him and his condition, and a large contingent of them have called for his resignation or impeachment.

Meantime, he indulged for years in grade school rants from his twitter fingers. Millions indeed like that rebellious attitude and his simplistic conclusions and continue to support him at this writing. He is still a model to them at this point — money, luxury lifestyle, dominant personality with powerful advice at every turn, on any subject that comes up. He considers his highly intuitive “seat of my pants” to be inherent, ground-breaking wisdom.

At this time, fascist dictatorships posing as righteous governments are surging across the world — from the U.S. to Putin’s Russia, Turkey, North Korea, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, we see him catering to strong men, the kind of amoral personalities Trump admires. He envisions Trump Towers everywhere and an oligarchy-fascist grip on most of the world’s wealth. The presidency is only a stepping stone.

Meantime, Christians, Jews and Muslims continue their historic intolerance for one another, a fatal flaw that bleeds out of all of the manmade, doctrine-chained religions. Mostly unrealized to them, there is only one true religion — your relationship to the God spirit, the Universal Father of Truth, Beauty and Goodness that resides within you. In times of quiet stillness you can find it.

Churches don’t generally respect that, or your free will or your ability to think and decide issues on your own. They purport to be wise and you are not. They are not wise to worship scripture of any kind.

From your inner identity, as a soul with a body, there will come new and remarkable insights to you for this apocalyptic age. You will understand it and what you must do.

For the term of ‘apocalypse’ in its oldest history signified a massive unveiling of the Book of Wisdom to mankind’s enlightenment. As the legend aged, it became the term for a gigantic final battle of the forces of good and evil — a thing called Armageddon, so named for the hill country terrain around Jerusalem.

However you define the term, the years 2020 and beyond represent a time in history when knowledge is doubling itself in a matter of weeks but logical reason still seems confused, tangled and out of control. Where is the wisdom? How has the world gotten to a crisis state in which total annihilation seems to be a more likely scenario, and all we hear is partisan rhetoric in order to sell us something for a profit? We need to collectively wake up and see that these old ways won’t serve us anymore. They will continue to systematically destroy us.

It is not a time for sales pitches for profits. We must move into an age of survival, sacrifice and sharing, building community instead of basking in our alienations and our home entertainment centers.

The truth is, we’ve been barraged by belief systems since we were children. They tell us what to believe without ever developing within us the skills of critical thinking that our free will existence demands. Values are not taught in schools; they are avoided. Otherwise, they might be polluted with the self-serving dogma of the four big players — Protestants, Catholics, Muslims and Jews — all of whom are geared for defensive battle.

As we are rift with dogma, schools consider it best to stay out of morality and spirituality for young and impressionable minds, and this creates a huge vacuum in public education. It is secular but it could still reasonably present common spiritual values. The only real admonition and spiritual watchwords we have at the tap root are simply: Love One Another. So simple, for such simple minds as ours, and we still can’t do it.

We now have a plethora of partisan religion-supported schools that preach only their own theoretical doctrine. We need universal schools that reveal to us the presence and accessibility of God within us — our souls. We need to recognize dogma as theoretical for each path of God, none of it ever proven, most especially that fabricated place of eternal torment called “hell,” fomented by a jealous god.

God gets angry and jealous? No. People drag God down to their level of infantile understanding.

Religions have gone amuck throughout history and are responsible for killing and conquering different segments of themselves for all the generations. This continues today, as well as the underlying strategies to take land, wealth and turn citizens into slaves to their specious doctrines, still often in the guise of a religion. Russia traditionally applies its anti-religion autocracy onto the shoulders of a dictator who maintains control over any theocracy and tolerates little or no dissent.

We also still must tolerate the ancient Sunnis and Shi’as conflict today in their tribal-warlord vengeance reality, so much different from our 21st century high-tech matrix.

Israel continues to face off against its middle eastern tribal neighbors, no end in sight, only the reality of continued rocket and mortar attacks, followed by retaliations.

With the GOP re-kindling of the cold war arms race, we will likely rev up capitalism against communism again, and plan to find surrogates to fight our side, as we have in places like Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. This feeds the GOP stock portfolios with successful war industry investments, made infamous by Vice President Dick Cheney and his compliant know-little President, one George W. Bush, in the Iraq misadventure. Be a Republican and buy war stocks. Blow up a lot of infrastructure with explosives that can be replaced for profits. This is how they want it to work.

In the event, we gain territorial influence after the surrogate war, we can make more profits from contracts to re-build the structures and services that we bombed.

We have swept many issues like this under the rug for a long time. With the planet and its people in increasingly open rebellion and our own country becoming an ever-festering boil of dysfunction, I believe we can indeed call all of this an Apocalypse, no exaggeration. The rugs are being pulled up for dusting. Procrastination is over.

I believe we can indeed more fully understand the issues we face and be more prepared to deal with them as we are able to shuck away the wrappings and corn silks of partisan confusions that permeate our lives — the constant attempts at mind-programming to sell wares or wile for profit. Blow it all off. Think critically.

A more clarity of true reality will come from inside you as you devote time in the stillness to pursue it. This inner reality is beyond the outer world of capitalistic commerce and political distortions. While pontifications for profit and power may permeate all around you, be not perturbed. Learn to compartmentalize and keep them in their place. The insights you need come from the pilot toward perfection that lives inside you — your Indwelling Spirit of God.

This inner searching leads not to mystical insights but rather to deeper, more insightful critical thinking, deepening your knowledge of how evolution works and revelation as well.

Critical thinking can show us the way. God is simple and makes perfect sense. Mankind complicates.

What makes sense when you peel off the trust-twisting partisans and their mindless platitudes, homilies and childish name-calling? Look inside this volume.

Here are current writings which explore the various ways you can look at these issues when you’re open to thought and inspiration They deal with issues of the material world, the one controlled by the free will minds of humans, with an application of insights from celestial teachers of higher wisdom who inform me. These celestial teachers are urging us to snap out of our dependence on human sources only — to accelerate our spiritual growth.

With inner guidance and attention to new revelations, we can be more spiritual and more wise than this world itself will be for a long time. We can be in the world of material necessity, but not of it, not chained to limited and wrong-headed dogma, free to think, explore, and learn on higher levels. Let’s explore it all, see it all more clearly, and act upon higher wisdom.

(Excerpt from Ascending Apocalypse: A New Birth for Mankind, by Jim Cleveland)




James Wayne Cleveland

Jim Cleveland retired from a career in public relations to become a writer and publisher. He has 16 books and 12 CDs anchored in new spirituality values.