by Jim Cleveland

God Created Evolution

There is no conflict here. This acrimony has been created by dogmatists.

This is foundational knowledge in all the universe. This encompasses billions of planet and trillions of beings. All are evolving; evolution is basic. People on this planet can’t seem to figure it out.

Modern astronomers are now seeing all of these amazing worlds being revealed to us in the physical dimension. In the spiritual dimension, we transcend science, which is largely confined to visible and discernible phenomena to our material eyes and our under-educated minds.

Spiritual energy circuits exist within the Spiritual Hierarchy and largely outside our references. There is a God, most often called the First Source and Center, and there are countless personalities having poured forth from this Universal Father of all that is.

They descend from the Infinite Mother Spirit, whose energies permeate the universe and on downward to the individual soul-imbued mortal citizens of all the planets.

We are each a child of this First Source. Within our being, we are indwelled with a spirit of God, a fragment of the Divine Creator. It has been called our soul, our conscience, our higher self, our thought adjuster — always attempting to adjust our thoughts toward truth, beauty and goodness. Inherently, if we are of sound mind, we know right and wrong and can choose a path.

There seems no reason not to believe this. Here we are. We have life itself, a mind, a body, a free will and an opportunity to use them all. Look around and through the facades of civilization and you see earth, wind, fire, water and sky. Through these gifts you can feel the Spirit of it all — yourself immersed within the experience. This is basic.

Should we become free of all the human ‘baggage’ that people have preached to us over the years, our minds would be clean, and centered on real values, not the false ones instilled by politicians, salesmen and the worshippers of wealth and fame.

Opposition to an evolving universe on our planet is rooted in human-created dogma, produced in order to consolidate seekers into a doctrine and therein to support an institution of their creation. None of the so-called sacred scriptures are sacred in any real sense. They are all created by men to serve their ends to influence and control.

The truth of our evolution is unsettling to them and doesn’t attune with their purposes for their scripture. Pictures of our cave-dwelling ancient ancestors and the hairy apes of today repulse those who have produced scripture. They opt instead of a magical creation story — of ourselves in God’s “image” by however they define that term. Certainly, God had an image of what we should be and an evolutionary plan for us.

Notwithstanding the inaccuracy of scripture, God’s image of our grand evolution on this planet is truly amazing. The Father ’s creation of the time and space concept worlds and its populations seeking to ascend via a ‘Be Ye Perfect’ mandate is grander than most Christians can imagine.

And here we are — with advanced mammalian bodies developed over hundreds of generations, an amazing biology of flesh, blood and bones. We have the Father ’s eternal presence within, an eternal shining light, going out with us on our exploration of a material world.

We should be grateful for God’s evolving worlds. We should be disdainful of so-called scripture that defies this evolution while simultaneously claiming its own perfection.

We all need to evolve. The idea that we should lay back into a cocoon here and wait on some heavenly future existence after we squander this one with inactivity is nonsensical.

(From the book “On Top Of It: Rising Above the Common Mind” on Amazon. Free e-books and MP3 tracks at


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James Wayne Cleveland

James Wayne Cleveland

Jim Cleveland retired from a career in public relations to become a writer and publisher. He has 16 books and 12 CDs anchored in new spirituality values.