James Wayne Cleveland
5 min readJan 28, 2023



by Jim Cleveland (www.jimclevelandauthor.com)

from the forthcoming book, “Ascending Armageddon”

I see the headline. Religion “teaches us.” But it can never actually teach us anything.

There is no hard evidence in religion.

All of it is based on legends, stories, speculations, pantheism, and pocked with animosities, prejudices, fears, and superstitions. There is false deification of some particular anointed one’s visions or dreams. All of this are products of our active imaginations and infantile logic.

It is all filtered by history through the parts of it that are actually preserved by printing and represented by some empire.

There is no true evidence of anything in the manmade religious dogma they create, and then purport to be God’s word. There is this god that they create for their own power and profit.

All true religion is personal, between you and your God, this nucleus power of your Living Being that you must appreciate and honor, your inner source to fathom for enhancing and spiritualizing your mortal thinking and your daily life. Dogma hijacks you.

I am nonetheless taken by the fact that many individuals have experienced miraculous moments of revelation — right before their eyes. These have had a dramatic influence in their lives and given them a glimpse of the reality spiritual over-watch. They receive a nugget of truth that they can hold and cherish and use as a bounding board to Service. I myself have been blessed and enlightened.

But today I am somewhat confounded by a friend who also needs no evidence at all to support his beliefs, but does indeed clamor to adjust current events to his fallacious framework of history.

To his mind, all banks are evil usury. There is a New World Order dedicated to reducing the population drastically while turning the survivors into controllable zombie-like beings. The vaccines do all of that. The manmade pandemic started the destruction and the remedies are all poison and debilitating.

So that should reduce the population all right, but who and what is behind it? It begins with the Rothschild banks and extends to corrupt all and everything in its path — the World Economic Council, the United Nations, the Bilderberg Institute, George Soros, Bill Gates, Guy Fauci and the World Health Organization, and especially the clandestine Masonic order, the nucleus of Lucifer-worshipping evil that very few of its members even know about.

He traces it all back into prehistory times and the Lucifer rebellion against God. It grew from Nodites into Aryans into Fascists and the demonic Adolf Hitler. His Nazi ideas live on in the pharmaceutical companies of today, which tie into his battle against most vaccines, processed foods, dairy products, pesticides, and carcinogens. Big Pharma is a resident evil.

While Big Pharma is necessarily embroiled in a lot of issues, I am doubtful that any of them would have any sympathy for the Nazi Party, and the German companies especially are overjoyed to be free of his lecherous grip of yesteryear.

My friend lumps all this into the NWO plots and pays no attention that neither the mainstream or alternative media mention any of it. To him, they are part of a monolithic monster of propaganda controlled by the NWO, never mind that they are all fused with reality and libel laws, and seek and find evidence to back up their reporting. Opinion is clearly identified and is intellect based, believing that facts need to back up claims.

And then it dawned on me. My friend disdains all of this in one big arm sweep, the most liberal and the most conservative altogether. He believes all that he believes via an underground and undercurrent library in society. All of this so-called evidence comes from a pile of books, videos, and audios that feed largely from themselves. They quote each other as evidence when virtually none of them are based on mainstream sources — in journalism, science, politics, the law.

There is a large body of speculative work posing as factual findings all across the Internet. Too much of it is based on some writer’s inner mindset, his imagination, his fascination with mysticism and secret knowledge. But altogether it provides false evidence, false reference, false visions, and multi-colored baggage-laden suppositions and prophecies. It’s a quagmire out there. There is no wisdom in there you can count on.

Nonetheless, my good friend trudges on, stuck with his strong beliefs, pursuing his mythologies, and looking for the collapse of the economy and most of society in the months ahead. He believes in the return of Jesus Christ to save our world once it falls apart.

But finally it seems simplistic that we would divide the world in twain. On the one side, there is The Dark Cabal, or Ruling Class, that runs things. On the other, there is Goodness looking toward catastrophic Apocalypse events and the possibility of good people having to be evacuated from a ruined planet.

This seems obviously too pessimistic as we see the goodness in millions of people every day. Humanity is battling for peace on earth and goodwill among men. I don’t see utter destruction for all the good people serving with generosity and faith today. I don’t see them having to be evacuated from the well-known Planet of the Cross, the savage world in which Jesus incarnated and showed mankind a higher way of living.

We need to see the reality that propaganda proliferates and bloats itself and provides so-called evidence on its own, none of it reliable. When we take the full and complete view that all human-produced writings are filled with presumptions that might not hold up to universal truth — if we can finally discover it.

As we evolve in time, we should learn to take all man-produced “evidence” with a grain of salt. Be wary of any purported spiritual revelation of great import that comes from some human source.

Evolution moves slowly and has moved over hundreds of generations now. Grow in your finite time. Leave a legacy of service to high ideals, not fixed dogmas. And live in love, no matter the race and creed and nationality of your earthly siblings.

This doesn’t explain how my friend and many others grasp onto radical fantasies as the real reality. They are true and our institutions comprise a global plot by evil empire puppeteers using Rothschild money and a Masonic cover. Some still believe that the presidential election in 2020 was stolen from Trump. Where, really, do such unreasonable thoughts come from? How can humans be controlled by such lies? We have much yet to explore.

My friend hopes to escape to the Bahamas soon, before the Chinese Army’s invasion. He is now strongly concerned with another aspect of the NWO plan — our directed hybridization with extraterrestrials and the fact that many them are cannibals who essentially want to eat us. Perhaps I should worry, but we are carnivores too, and I’m hoping for the best. The universe is a friendly place; humans here, still primitive, inject fearful imagination.

What should we do to objectify our thoughts, infuse them with logic? Perhaps we can try to harmonize our imaginations with the facts of reality, and learn to tell which is which. Both are useful in their designated place.



James Wayne Cleveland

Jim Cleveland retired from a career in public relations to become a writer and publisher. He has 16 books and 12 CDs anchored in new spirituality values.